BELULL takes its name from the Lull family who were pioneers in the carbon fiber industry and founded Epsilon Composite, the world’s leading producer of continuous profiles. Recently, they decided to diversify the company by launching a range of designer furniture using carbon fiber pieces and today they are extremely proud of their ability to preserve French manufacturing and know-how.

As part of the project, the company invited designers to highlight this semi-industrial product to validate the richness of their in-stock carbon profiles. The first collection incorporates this high-quality material by elegantly associating it with wood, metal or marble. This creative impetus has brought modernity and finesse to the company’s collections. Each piece’s unique character is important to BELULL and some items are proposed only in custom-made versions.

Some pieces of the collection can be custom-made based on each customer’s desires and needs. From our showroom in Hourtin (33), we present all the pieces in the collection, allowing you to visualize, feel and project yourself into the BELULL universe.


It is used in the composition of composite parts to produce structural parts with outstanding mechanical properties in terms of rigidity and strength, while being five times lighter than metal.

We chose to combine carbon fiber with other materials, a combination that is warm, harmonious and elegant.

Carbon fiber

Epsilon Composite

Located in the Medoc region of Southwestern France, Epsilon Composite is known worldwide thanks to the pultrusion process it uses on carbon fibers.

The company manufactures a broad range of continuous profiles made in large series for industrial use. Exclusive know-how, 35 years of experience and 230 jobs later, the company is constantly renewing itself and choosing to make the most of its surplus production in innovative and creative ways.

Both our company motto and unique approach show our intention to make carbon fibers accessible to OR affordable for everyone. both lightweight and economical.

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